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Vitality Club – Rhys Kosakowski and Davide Di Giovanni

Our Vitality Club: A community based on connection, longevity and highlighting your own individual health. 

Rhys Kosakowski and Davide Di Giovanni


Davide: When you breathe you realise that you’re alive, but as a dancer you need to remember to breathe constantly in a way that gives you the right amount of energy, or even makes you believe in the movement in a certain way, and make you move in a certain way, because of how you breathe.

Rhys: The breath is half the movement.





Rhys: I think it’s physically and mentally - I really am trying lately to tap into my mental state 100% but also keep healthy, keep moving, keep meditating, keep manifesting and just keep being open and vulnerable and ready to accept anything that comes, and it’s usually good if you're in that state.






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