Holly Gibellini-Davis

Q+A with Holly Gibellini-Davis 

What’s your approach to holistic health and what does it mean to you?

Despite being a Pilates teacher, I’ve realised that for me, it isn’t enough to just move. My health, wellness and vitality is cultivated by a collection of small rituals (including movement) that work together for a united purpose. When done in unison, these rituals enhance each other's benefits.

These small rituals for me are led by a few pillars: movement, nutrition, mindfulness, rest, and connections / relationships. When these are in balance, I feel my healthiest and happiest. 

How do your ethos align with IKKARI and why did you want to be part of the journey?
Within movement, quality and integrity are my priority. Precision and technique always trump doing crazy, new, advanced variations and are key to results and longevity of the health of the body. What’s impressed me with IKKARI is the thoughtful, educated and approach. Every single product uses intentional ingredients and a natural approach with sustainability in mind. This is no small feat, especially considering the broadness of the range! Through IKKARI’s Inner, Outer and Aura offerings, their approach aligns with my movement practice – quality first, with everything working in harmony together towards the same common goal: health, vitality, and longevity.
Can you share an experience where you reached transformation or a turning point with your health or wellbeing? 

One of my most profound turning points was after a wellness retreat I curated in the Byron Bay hinterlands back in 2020. Something magical happened that weekend, leaving myself and my clients in a state of complete bliss and with a newfound sense of clarity.

I was hooked on the natural high of retreat. A place you can wake up truly excited to move, explore, taste, and experience the day ahead of you. I felt a calling to bring more of this to my everyday and make it within reach for all.

When do you feel your highest self?
When in a flow state of movement, I feel so connected and aligned physically, mentally, spiritually. Moving my body always feels like such a privilege (never a punishment) and I’m so grateful for it and my health. I’ve always been this way from a child, my earliest memories are the feeling I would get when I moved or danced. This also brings me back to why holistic health is so significant to me – to do all the things that help me continue to move with joy until I’m 100+ years old.
Which IKKARI products make up your rituals?
Where do I start? There are so many thoughtful products that speak to me from the range. I love that everything has been designed with a single goal in mind; as like movement, the elements work together in harmony, and it really is about the sum of its parts. My top three products are Aura Balancing Mist – the perfect pick-me-up and chance for a mindful moment. I often use it with my clients to align them ahead of their practice, or for myself to kick-off the morning or provide a newfound sense of energy throughout the day. The Nutrient Capsule: Bovine Liver, nutrient-dense and formulated with high-quality ingredients. I suffer from low iron, and this supplement provides a natural way to boost my energy and help me feel good from the inside out. The Cream Cleanser washes away the day by nourishing my skin with its creaminess without stripping it of all the good things and leaving it hydrated and nourished.