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Reviving the Ritual of Bathing

Steeped in ancient tradition and practised the world over, the culture and religious significance of bathing is something that cuts across time and space, from the hammams of the Middle East to the thermae of ancient Rome. 


Throughout history, humans have taken to water, seeking to be cleansed, purified and sanctified. The ritual of bathing is universal and timeless, and water is the remedy. The source of life, H2O is truly holy, revered in sacred streams of the Ganges, Whanganui and Osun rivers; whether it’s submersion or a sprinkling, we find physical, emotional and spiritual healing.


These purposeful rituals are traditionally built around ceremony and community - socialising in steamy wooden Russian banyas, soaking in the geological volcanic cauldrons of Japanese onsens and healing in the shamanic temazcal sweat lodges of Indigenous Mexico and Central America, their connecting thread: the ability to alter our states of being.


The attraction to the therapeutic benefits of bathing could be tethered to the human body being made up of 60% water, or that floating in water brings us back to the womb, or perhaps it’s that immersing yourself in the tub or plunging into the ocean is a moment to unwind and sit in the stillness - where washing the day away brings both physical and mental peace. Whether soaking, steaming or sweating, bathing is one of the longest-standing wellness practices in existence.



Today, bathing has become more about routine and less about ceremony. The transformative powers need to be reclaimed and the ancient techniques intertwined into our modern-day self-care rituals, shifting the focus from necessity to a holistic wellness practice that nourishes both our physical and mental self.


Whether you’re looking to restore calm and equilibrium, to relieve muscle aches and tension, or to cleanse yourself of emotional blockages, the tranquilising rituals of contemporary bathing will soothe your senses. Fusing technology, ancient remedies and all-encompassing accoutrements symbolise how we bathe today. 


Elevate your at-home bathing experience by integrating purposeful products created to enhance your mind, body and spirit found in IKKARI’s Body offering. Lather your skin in The Ikarian Body Wash, a curated blend of plant extracts to bring your body into consciousness and ignite your senses. Soak in Three Milk Body Cleanser, steeped in ancient tradition, its lactic acid properties soften and refine skin through the combination of multiple milks. Immerse yourself in The Ikarian Body Oil, a silky formula made from a blend of highly-hydrating plant oil extracts delivering intense all-over nourishment. It’s this trio of small luxuries that enhance your simple daily rituals.


Pair the Outer offering with an Aura Balancing Mist, harnessing the powers of aromatherapy to suspend time and transport you to a meditative state of connected wholeness, ultimately taking your everyday bath and shower routine to new heights.

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