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Vitality Club – Dion Horstmans

Our Vitality Club: A community based on connection, longevity and highlighting your own individual health. 

Dion Horstmans


What’s your approach to holistic health and what does it mean to you?


Sea, Sun, Sand….regular exercise, lots of water….and a pretty balanced diet, i’d miss 3x dinners a week, lunch being my biggest meal.


I eat lots of seafood, lots of greens….salads. My diet is important to me, clean and fresh, good produce. Good meat, and  too not much.


I try to eat well, there’s nothing in my fridge or cupboard that doesn’t need to be prepared, no snacks. I wake up early…so i go to bed early.


I try to be mindful.

What about looking after your skin, and your physical self?

Skin, I was blessed with olive skin. I drink a lot of water, Best to moisturise internally …no? although since being introduced to the IKKARI range of products i’ve been using these to clean and then replenish my skin, beautiful products, my skin feels soft and fresh…not an easy task 


I’ve exercised pretty consistently since my early 20’s…


I train consistently, all functional movement, kettle bells





‘Vitality’ means to me, ALIVE…fresh, awake…full of chat and game, a zest for life.


Can you share an experience where you reached transformation or a turning point with your health or wellbeing?


In 2000 my youngest daughter was born, Zaza. I went to NA, I stopped taking drugs, i stopped drinking and smoking, I started soft sand running on Bondi beach, everyday …thousands of laps. I was pretty mad. Exercise helped me stay focused….it gave me a focus.

When do you feel your highest self?

Thats a tough one, i could say when i’m lost in the creating of a sculpture, or when i’m holding one of my daughters really closely, tightly, holding them with all my love.


Or when i’m weightless under water, the sun fractured and refracted…in a world bigger than me that i’m floating in.


Describe your IKKARI experience in one word?



What does vitality mean to you?


‘Vitality’ means to me, ALIVE…fresh, awake…full of chat and game, a zest for life.





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