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Vitality Club – Gary Gorrow

Our Vitality Club: A community based on connection, longevity and highlighting your own individual health. 

Gary Gorrow
Vedic Meditation Teacher


Transcript: I remember there was a time when I was driving my car and I couldn't figure out the radio, it was so noisy while I was driving, I was adjusting all the dials trying to turn down and then I suddenly realised that the radio wasn’t even on and it was the sound of my own brain, and my mind was just so noisy and I realised in that moment I really needed to do something to balance this mind and that's when I was drawn to really seek meditation out in earnest and do something to balance this crazy monkey mind.






Transcript: I think there's two types of strength - there’s physical strength, so doing any physical exercise whether it be surfing, working out, going to the gym, that makes me feel physically robust. But then there’s mental strength. I think mental strength derives when you overcome challenges, when you move through difficult situations, when you transition through challenges, that starts to develop the resilience and mental adaptability that we all need.






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